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Doggywalker was one of my favorite branding ideas.. it started as a joke as I was working as a guard in a building in TLV.

One day one of the residents asked me if I could take his dog out and I said yes.

at that point, my mind went to how cool would it be if I could brand myself as a doggy walker and make a good profit out of it so I saw the problem and I had to come up with an idea including a booking system and a simple website.

in addition, I also made a funny logo and made a cool T-shirt that has a barcode attached to it to make people want to get my services.

I asked myself how dogs control their territory so I made also a funny sticker whenever the dog poop so people know there is someone that can fix their problem if they need to 🙂

About the domain name.. doggywalker. cloud is a unique cool name and also was in my budget at 1$ so I added a cloud underneath the dog to make him pop and fit the total budget.

in conclusion, we have a site with a full booking system, a full doggy walker uniform, stickers, Flyers, a Business card, and a Plan.

A logo of doggwalker

Video Ad


A logo of doggwalker


photo of doggywalker t-shirt


a flyer

Business Card

business card



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