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Dive into the captivating world of, an Amsterdam-based record label at the forefront of EBSM music and dark clubbing culture. As a freelance web designer, this project holds a unique place in my journey—it was the very first record label to open its doors for me, allowing me to amplify my music through their online platform.

Crafting was a thrilling experience, as I not only had the challenge of translating the energy of EBSM music and dark clubbing into a visual experience, but I also wanted to honor the label that supported me. Balancing the label’s edgy vibe with user-friendly design elements while highlighting the artists and their music presented an exciting creative task.

Drawing inspiration from the music that spoke to my soul, I infused with the same pulse that guided my artistic journey. I incorporated elements that resonate with the clubbing culture, such as vibrant color palettes, bold typography, and immersive media integration. The website not only showcases the label’s artists but also tells the story of my personal journey through design. stands as a living tribute to my artistic growth and the support of the record label that believed in my music. Beyond being a platform for EBSM music and dark clubbing enthusiasts, it embodies the spirit of collaboration, creativity, and shared passion. This project holds a dual purpose—it’s a celebration of music and a nod of gratitude to the label that helped launch my journey.

Embark on a sonic and visual adventure at, where my web design skills merge with the beats that started it all.

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